Cadw Sŵn - the speedy way to Welsh


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Music can help you relax and remember. Think of lullabies and how quickly we remember the words to popular songs.

Cadw Sŵn uses beautiful recordings of Classical and Baroque music to give a rich layer of interest while you listen to our stories. And Welsh of course, is a musical language.

Stories add interest, and tend to stick in your mind. Each of the 20 lessons in the course starts with a story, printed side-by-side in Welsh and English so that you never need to worry about vocabulary.

There's mystery, plotting, humour and more. You'll be waiting for the next episode to see what happens. Maybe you'll even forget you're learning Welsh.

Cadw Sŵn is a full (South Wales) Welsh course which uses music and stories to make learning easier and more enjoyable. The course consists of a printed course book and a Blu-Ray or DVD, which contains 10CDs worth of audio, that's 20 lessons. It covers all the major tenses; past, present, future and more.

Our Blu-Ray disk should play on any Blu-Ray player, wherever you are.

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Our data DVD will play the files direct from your computer (PC or Mac). You can burn from the data DVD to CDs or transfer to your iPod or MP3 player.

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